Innovating analytics to guide educator decisions and produce better student outcomes.

For a decade, MCG’s analytic and strategy solutions have been enabling education leaders to improve student outcomes.  Our team of data scientists and learning specialists leverage their time alongside education experts to develop strategies and solutions specific to the K-12 and higher education challenges.

At MCG, innovation is in our DNA.  Through our partnerships with educational institutions and nonprofits our day to day work is evolving and expanding solutions to help today’s and tomorrow’s educators and students improve learning.  Our group of experts are up to the continued challenge of developing solutions that empower educators as they support student development.

What We Do

Educators are empowered by our solutions. We focus on enabling data-driven cultures through timely information and predictive analytics that illuminate the future.

  • Live Progress Monitoring
  • Graduation & Promotion Tracking
  • Early Warning Systems
  • School Climate Monitoring & Forecasting
  • Visualizations & Interactive Reporting
  • Data Consulting
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Matriculation Analytics

Solution Accelerators

Marlyn’s Turnaround and Duval’s Climb


Proven Methodology Creates Real Solutions To Real Challenges

Put experience and hard work to your advantage.

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