Matriculation Analytics

MCG’s course pattern analytics enables our clients to identify who’s ready for Community College or
University by the end of their sophomore year.
Our work with several Florida high schools, community colleges and universities has nurtured several
research projects focused on pathways, course patterns and matriculation​.

Practical Uses for the Analytics:


                • High School Course Scheduling
                • Higher Ed Path Counseling

Higher Ed

              • Direct Marketing To Prospective Students
              • Identification Of Students Who Are College Ready
              • Admissions Evaluation
              • Higher Ed Path Counseling

To date we’ve conducted 60+ research projects that follow student journey’s from K-12 through Higher
Ed.  These studies have yield unique insights into success indicators that we then share and use up
stream in the K-12 journey.

Answer These Questions:

      1. Who is ready to go to community college or university?
      2. How likely is a student to succeed at the next step?
      3. How can we identify graduates who have not matriculated to higher education but do have
        college readiness indicators?

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