Progress Measurements

Monitor progress toward meeting ELA, math and science targets for proficiency, learning gains, as well as students falling behind. Our analytics cover all students from ones needing acceleration to ones striving to achieve proficiency.

MCG’s Analytical Models Leverage Multiple Methods:

Linear Regression:

                    • Logistic Regression
                    • Decision Trees
                    • Neural Networks

Predictive Models for Proficiency and Gains:

                  • Math 4th – 8th grade
                  • Science 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades
                  • ELA 3rd – 10th grades
                  • Math 3 – 8 grades
                  • Algebra and Geometry

Answer These Questions:

      1. How many students are proficient and what gains are needed to become proficient?
      2. How many students are progressing each month?
      3. How does this compare to your school-based targets for proficiency, gains, and bottom quartile?

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