We Think Outside the Box

At our core, MCG is a team of brilliant innovation experts that create solutions to help our clients solve problems. From time to time, we discover a challenge or gap in one of the industries we serve and we go out on our own to develop innovative products and services that solve these problems. Below are just a few examples of the new companies, products and services that we have launched through our innovation practice area.



MCG has created the most powerful data aggregation platform to help school districts across the country identify at-risk students and implement programs to help them succeed. Our cloud-based education analytics spans primary, secondary and university level education systems, providing them with predictive algorithms that increase both student engagement and graduation rates.



MCG is developing an Analytics-as-a-Service that focuses on Financial Planning & Analysis for medium-to-large firms. Our vision is to provide higher levels of information and analytic capabilities by leveraging a core team of experts across multiple clients, providing leaders with insights and knowledge to make decisions that go beyond what each could create independently.


FinTech Innovation Lab

MCG was selected by a long-standing banking and financial services client to deliver the organization’s first wholly owned and operated innovation lab. MCG orchestrated the technology, resources and processes that would enable this staid institution to identify promising solutions and discover potential new avenues for revenue generation.

Proven Methodology Creates Real Solutions To Real Challenges

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