MCG Helps OCPS Streamline Data Collection and Cross Organization Consumption With New Data Marts


Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) faced multiple challenges collaborating across the enterprise on critical state reporting and risk management data. OCPS needed a clear and accurate picture of their state survey reporting data as well as risk management inputs that contribute toward Local Education Agency (LEA) data collection requirements and workers compensation claims respectively. To solve these challenges, OCPS needed to transition to a scalable data management and collaboration solution that could serve the many organizations consuming and contributing to the two data domains.


To solve these challenges, MCG established a Microsoft SQL server-based data management and reporting solution for each of the critical data sets.

  • State Reporting Data Mart (SRDM): MCG designed an automated process to complete the daily ingestion of the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) “O Files”, a data mart to organize those inputs and SQL Server Management Studio as the user interface.
  • Risk Management Data Mart (RMDM): MCG helped develop a user-friendly risk management data mart focused on capturing employee data and sharing Worker’s Compensation/Liability Claim information across many organizations.


The automated data ingestion processes and curated data marts provide OCPS with efficient data collection, collaboration and sharing for end-users. The automated data ingestion processes have significantly reduced manual efforts and increased the timeliness of both data sets for users. This was achieved through MCG’s expertise in developing ingestion pipelines that take the unstructured data from multiple sources and then curate it into the 2 data marts.

MCG anticipates contributing to OCPS’s broader vision for a robust, modern, and efficient data management system by the 2024-2025 school year.

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