UCF’s DARE Project: One Year Milestone 

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is well on its way to modernizing and streamlining its data and analytics processes using Microsoft’s Azure platform. 

UCF President Dr. Alexander Cartwright said “Our University (UCF) has been growing at an incredible rate and the technology that once worked for us should not be expected to work for us moving forward. The Knight Vision program will allow us to modernize and simplify our technology, improve transparency across the campus community, and provide common processes for data sharing.” 

Midtown Consulting Group has been partnering with UCF for the past year to implement DARE, a Knight Vision project that modernizes the data management and analytics capabilities. These new capabilities will improve administrative infrastructure systems that drive operational excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

Over the past year, the MCG and UCF partnership has: 

  • Designed and launched a fully integrated planning and analytics platform in Microsoft’s Azure platform using our understanding of both legacy on-premises data sources and modern cloud data management technologies. 
  • Deployed data management assets such as the data lake, data warehouse and leveraged cutting-edge ADF pipelines to automate the data movement within the platform.
  • Migrated legacy Human Resources, Finance and Student data using virtual workers for data ingestion and data pipeline activities.
  • Enabled Azure Machine Learning suite and integrated it into the lake and warehouse for advanced research and analytics.
  • Transitioned legacy reports and visualizations to PowerBI and PowerApps for user consumption.

To learn more about the Implementation progress of the UCF DARE project, please see the Timeline, Core Components, and future Architecture on the UCF website.  Click here. 

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