Plastic Logitech Inc. is a Las Vegas based manufacturer of custom-designed card keys and gift card products. It is known for its affordable rates, quick turnaround times, individualized customer service, and availability of distinctive, cross-platform card creation. PLI’s services keep expanding, from finding the best materials to offering cutting-edge print and laminating to specializing in die cutting and RFID, amongst other things.  

Midtown Consulting Group is excited to announce their partnership with PLI. PLI and MCG collaborated in 2021 to expand the organization’s Monarch ERP platform into PLI’s Los Angeles production facility. With the successful implementation of Monarch modules, the LA plant and PLI HQ better track their production jobs by accurately capturing the time and materials expended for each job. As a result, PLI’s overall business management implementation, tracking of project profitability and materials have greatly improved. 

Moving forward, MCG is excited to continue their partnership with PLI and implement new aspects of the Monarch software as the product continues to develop. 

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