The partnership aims to help close the digital divide by providing thousands of individuals from diverse communities with the technology and skills needed to excel in tech careers.

Midtown Consulting Group (“MCG”), announced that they will be partnering with Per Scholas to help address the digital divide by providing technology toolkits and workforce development opportunities to minority and other underrepresented communities across Atlanta and Charlotte. Together, the organizations will serve 87% students of color, 30% women, and 30% young adults.
“By partnering with MCG, Per Scholas has a unique opportunity to prepare individuals to work in key technical roles by equipping them with the industry skills they need to be successful,” said Tracey Palmer, Managing Director of Per Scholas. “Our goal for this partnership is to provide technology toolkits and in-demand tech training to those who need it most, so that we can improve access to tech industry jobs within our area. We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to do so.”
MCG will partner with Per Scholas on their 1,000 Career Campaign to raise a million dollars by the end of 2020 to supply 1,000 technology toolkits to learners. With roughly 1 in 5 Americans having no access to broadband services or laptops, these toolkits will provide individuals with a laptop, webcam, headphones, Wi-Fi access, and a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. MCG employees will also leverage their existing expertise to give back through remote learning efforts and donate $5,000 through December 2020 as part of its employee donation matching program.
“This joint partnership unites both organizations with a shared purpose to transform overlooked communities. We will work together to open doors for each other – from providing learners with new career opportunities to enriching our teams with even more diverse thinking and creativity,” said Jeff Elam, MCG Chairman. “Per Scholas was an obvious choice when searching for a community partner focused on education and technology. Together, we can all unite to build a strong foundation for future sustainability and growth.”
Collectively, this partnership will improve the access to high-growth careers for people of color, women, and others underrepresented in tech. This partnership will help ensure Per Scholas learners have the opportunity to become the critical talent needed to drive diversity in the tech industry and economic growth for our communities.

About Per Scholas

Per Scholas is a national organization that has been advancing economic mobility for 25 years. Through rigorous training, professional development and robust employer connections, they prepare individuals traditionally underrepresented in technology for high-growth careers in the industry. Per Scholas partners with leading employers to build more diverse talent pools, directly connecting our graduates to new career opportunities with leading employers, from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups. With campuses in 14 cities, Per Scholas has trained more than 12,000 individuals in tech skills, building bridges to careers in technology. To learn more, visit

About MCG

Founded in 2004, MCG is a full-service management consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA with clients across the United States. We deliver results by coupling our industry expertise with proven accelerators. Some of the largest institutions in the world trust MCG to help assess, calibrate, and determine the best path to implement new strategies, processes, and technologies. For more information, visit