Midtown Consulting Group (MCG) and PLI recently strengthened their partnership by organizing a hands-on, 3-day on-site strategy workshop. The aim of this collaborative effort was to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity for streamlining operations and reducing costs across all PLI facilities. MCG’s expertise and proven methodologies helped facilitate productive sessions with key PLI Managers and Personnel.  

MCG assisted PLI by:  

  • Facilitating a 3-day session with 30+ key personnel across all departments
  • Exploring existing functional flows and identifying issues and bottlenecks 
  • Creating streamlined future state flows and capturing ideas for improvement through digitization and automation 
  • Gaining consensus from all participants regarding the prioritization of the changes and technologies needed to enable the redesigned processes 
  • Defining Execution Plan for initiatives, including the pricing, timing, and benefits of each initiative 

The impact will significantly benefit the company as PLI continues to move forward and implement the above. By streamlining operations and reducing costs, PLI will be able to enhance its competitiveness in the market and deliver excellent value to its clients.  

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