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MCG helps clients drive best practices to create, modernize and launch new products, services and business solutions into market.

MCG engages with clients on cutting edge projects that utilize emerging technologies, open source software, new platforms, and unique, specialized applications in their business.

MCG is currently engaged on projects focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and those with highly computational capability needs.


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Speed in innovation execution catches competitors off guard and creates a unique offering in the marketplace. Successfully bringing new products or services to market requires execution of disciplined and efficient processes that are aligned to a larger timeline and goal. MCG’s innovation team has helped numerous clients build lasting innovation roadmaps & processes that apply lean principles and design excellence.

Whether you are creating a new product or service, having the idea is just the beginning. Our team will work with you to “test drive” the innovation to prove the viability of the project to decision makers with minimal resources.

Taking ideas from POC or concepts and evolving them into market-ready solutions requires diligence and experience. Our experts excel in helping clients drive the innovation from concept to value.

MCG’s seasoned consultants excel in developing new business opportunities based on consumer insight and enabled by new technologies and connectivity. Our experts apply ground breaking market research and consumer insight techniques to ensuring the business case for developing a product or service before you make the investment.