InComm Teams with MCG to Launch Innovation Studio

InComm, a leader in global payment technology solutions recently launched their state-of-the-art innovation hub,Go Studio™.The studio brings clients, employees, and partners together to catalyze innovation and solve business challenges by applying unique insights and fostering collaboration. Working together with InComm’s partners, Go Studio will develop groundbreaking solutions and incubate emerging payments products, platforms and services. InComm partnered closely with MCG, Inc, a leading payments and technology consultancy, to bring the vision to life and launch the Studio in February 2020.

InComm has continually proven itself as an innovator in the market, but now with Go Studio, InComm is able to provide a stimulating environment that fosters creativity with both approaches and expertise to accelerate innovative initiatives across a wide range of emerging technologies. MCG leveraged their deep expertise in payments, technology, and innovation to support InComm in creating their space, program framework and the development of an Augmented Reality demonstration.

“Having a partner like MCG enabled InComm to rapidly create an innovative program that truly embodies our commitment to continued growth in the emerging technology space. Go Studio will help InComm and our clients envision the future of payments and rapidly validate our ideas. MCG brought tremendous expertise, tenacity, and ideas that helped refine our vision and set the tone for a number of the exciting things to come from Go Studio.” Michael Parlotto, VP of Emerging Technology, InComm.

“We are super thrilled to support InComm’s latest endeavor. We often recognize our client needs to fuel faster innovation and are proud to team up with Go Studio to provide best-in-class advisory support for open innovation at InComm. We are so proud to be a part of InComm’s advancements and are looking forward to seeing what Go Studio will do in the future.” Craig Sobol, Head of Payments, MCG, Inc.

InComm’s Go Studio provides a dynamic environment designed for developing customer-centric solutions with speed, agility, and scalability without the constraints of everyday corporate barriers. The studio is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and will operate using a hub-and-spoke model; through this approach, the company will centralize oversight of its global innovation efforts as it continues to drive cutting-edge advancements with clients worldwide.

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