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Project Description


A fortune 500 financial services company Regulatory Reporting Processes was manually intensive for both Corporate Regulatory Reporting and the Business Groups. The most difficult, inefficient reports are the non-financial statement reports which cannot use the general ledger as a basis for reporting. Data submitted for reports that require transactional level detail are currently pulled in a manner that introduces significant challenges for reconciling and determining completeness of data submitted. Multiple databases have been developed or are in the process of development that aggregate positional data for specific products and for specific purposes​


  • Compile a list of key data elements required for Regulatory Reporting for the current Country Exposure (FFIEC 009) and the Phase 3 Country Level Report/QIA. ​
  • Identify the availability of the key data elements in existing credit, capital, and 14M/Q databases to determine data gaps.​
  • Identify data sourcing and design options and document potential solutions for preparation of the Regulatory Reports.​

Evaluate data sourcing design options that leverage the existing databases as a platform or could be developed to aggregate the data for End of Year Regulatory Reporting

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Business Value

The MCG successfully developed Implementation Plan, identified  the key elements required for effective reporting, existing gaps in  required data elements and identified a data source design that would reduce manual inputs, improve data quality and reduce inefficiencies

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