Customer 360 Development for Shipping Giant 2017-12-21T11:18:31-04:00

Project Description


One of the world’s largest transportation and logistics companies lacked a integrated information platform required to successfully implement a customer centric strategy. In order to implement such a strategy, the client had to overcome the following challenges:

  • Increasing commoditization of the shipping industry
  • Client needs to differentiate on customer service and experience.
  • Client customers frequently experience inconsistency and lack of transparency across customer touchpoints and channels.
  • Customer data is fragmented, making it a challenge to understand the end-to-end customer experience, journey, behavior and profitability across channels


MCG worked in partnership with the Client to deliver the following:

  • Profiled and sourced key data elements from five Customer Centric systems into the Maersk Enterprise Data Warehouse encompassing: Email Campaigns, Customer Leads & Opportunities, Customer Phone Calls, Invoice Disputes, and Customer Surveys
  • An extended Enterprise Data Warehouse providing a single repository for customer information to be the source for customer information for all consuming analytical applications

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Business Value

MCG consolidated Client data into a single Data Warehouse environment, providing information to:

  • Improve relevance of offers
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Identify and leverage cross-sell opportunities
  • Improve Case Management
  • Enable a market-driven organization

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