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Manufacturing & Logistics

Businesses in the Manufacturing and Logistics industries are experiencing rapid change driven by factors like improving the customer experience (“why can’t I get my materials faster?”), new or changing regulation (especially with a new administration), and cutting edge technology (think robotics and data analytics).  These factors are forcing a traditionally low-growth industry to transform to [at the very least] maintain and [more ideally] increase margins and growth.  Midtown Consulting Group enables our clients to successfully address the challenges created by these factors with proven solutions that their employees adopt and their customers embrace. We differentiate by being deeply collaborative, refining our methodologies to fit with your business and culture, and embedding change management to drive and verify impactful results.

2017 Trends
Our view on key trends including Industry 4.0,
Customer Experience, and Data.
2017 Trends

Recent Work

Global Supply Chain Analytics Program

•  Critical data centralized
•  Adoption of OBIEE
•  Supply Chain analytics CoE
•  $25M in recovered funds

Corporate Finance Business Intelligence

•  Reduced PMO costs 30%
•  Software cost reductions
•  Centralized BI reporting data
•  OBIEE analytics, visualization

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Manufacturing & Logistics Lead
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