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The hospitality industry is at an inflection point, both from a business model and customer engagement perspective. Demand and consumer expectations have continued to grow, while companies are feeling increased pressure to economic and competitive market conditions.

At MCG, we understand the hospitality industry must address many operational strategy transformations to continue to drive business growth. Our Hospitality Services team members offer specialized experience in the hospitality and leisure industry and are recognized for their econometric and statistical research. By combining the right blend of operational expertise, platforms, and methodologies, we enable companies to expand upon their capabilities in order to drive business growth.

Why MCG?

MCG strives to help businesses leverage the power of their business data and insights to drive greater business value.
MCG’s hospitality team is committed to serving the travel and hospitality industries. We not only monitor the industries and their trends, but also help you shape them by providing you with highly specialized scope of services and robust depth of experience.
At MCG, we believe that true business value cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all solution. All of our solutions are customized around each client’s specific business processes and requirements, allowing them to receive full benefit of their investment.

Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Midtown Consulting Group (MCG) was engaged by a global media company to assist in discovering the root cause of a failure in their data collection system which had resulted in a major client outage.

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Marketing & Sales Planning

Over the past few years, the supply of entertainment options has grown at a much faster rate than demand, forcing our client to become more competitive for each consumer dollar. The client desired a strategy and roadmap to institute pinpoint marketing.

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Enterprise Architecture

Midtown Consulting Group (MCG) was engaged by a digital media company to assist in creating an Enterprise Architecture organization and discipline.

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