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Merger Integration

During an M&A cycle, realizing synergies and mitigating risks quickly is critical. Yet, successfully integrating business processes, people, and systems requires extensive planning and expertise which needs to be executed in conjunction with day-to-day business operations. Our experts understand these complexities and work with you to develop recommendations, guidelines, and plans to support you throughout the full integration cycle. Our experts perform a wide range of services, including:

  • Integration Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Day 1 and 100 Days Planning
  • Integration and Synergy Realization Planning
  • Change Management & Documentation
  • Information Technology Integration & Consolidation Support
  • Process & Control Innovation
  • Integration Management Office

Our partner-led teams provide you with a clean team that acts in conjunction with both the target and buyer organizations to provide you with minimal business interruptions as you move through the integration process. Our experts can help mitigate risks and maximize synergy to ensure you get the most value out of your business transaction.

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