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M&A Strategy

All of MCG’s M&A Strategy services incorporate the latest theory and lessons learned from our extensive regional and sector experience in business transactions. Covering all aspects of M&A deals throughout the transaction lifecycle and across all deal types, our teams combine best practices with inside knowledge of your business requirements and processes to tailor a strategy that best fits your goals, not an abstract theory.

Our M&A Strategy Services Include:

  • Synergies & Value Creation
  • IPO Readiness
  • M&A Framework & Playbook Development
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Business Plan & Goal Integration
  • Target Definement

We use our extensive hands-on experience in Integrations and Divestitures to help demystify the processes and deliver the most practical support available for executives actively involved in mergers and acquisitions. Our comprehensive methodology and related assets help to efficiently transfer our knowledge to your teams enabling the development of in-house M&A capability further accelerating your programs. With a well-created M&S Strategy in hand, you’ll be better prepared to implement that strategy faster, with less risk and a clearer focus on shareholder results.

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