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Divestitures & Carve-Outs

Almost half of all divestitures fail to realize full value for their shareholders. This is because many corporations treat divestitures as an afterthought. Whether you want to spin-off or sell a piece of your business, MCG’s Divestiture and Carve-Outs team supplements your team’s divestiture experience, and work with you to ensure a risk-free legal close. We will help you define the ideal strategy and plan the separation to mitigate and minimize risks in operation and transitional services. Our expertise includes:

  • Transition Service Agreements (TSA)
  • Due Diligence & Separation Planning
  • Divestiture/ Carve-out Strategy & Design
  • Technical Divestiture Support & Execution
  • Day 1 and Day 100 Planning
  • Stranded Cost Analysis
  • Retention, Change & Communication Management

Our experts apply decades of proven expertise specifically to divestitures and carve outs to support your internal efforts and run a low-risk divestiture program and prepare the resulting businesses to flourish post separation. Our team members have worked countless divestiture and carve-out projects across each of our industries of expertise, and have first-hand knowledge of requirements and common challenges that can prevent a smooth and speedy separation.

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