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MCG offers Risk and Compliance services which focus on addressing the intricacies, regulations and requirements of governance across the enterprise.

Offering these services allows clients to feel confident about their ability to assess risks and comply with a variety of industry and governmental regulations.  MCG helps clients ensure they possess, or can obtain, all the necessary documentation and traceability to achieve compliance.  We identify existing gaps and actively solve for those.



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Our Expertise

As the IT Industry continues to segment and become more complex, businesses are seeing unprecedented benefits to their operations. However, this ever expanding attack surface has exposed businesses to new digital vulnerabilities, making effective cybersecurity and privacy more critical than ever. MCG applies a thoughtful, coordinated, and comprehensive approach  to help you build resilience and vigilance against ever evolving security threats.

When it comes to risk management, understanding threats facing your business is one thing, but incorporating that knowledge within business decisions is another. MCG builds and implements integrated enterprise risk management solutions that leverages a risk-reward perspective in both strategic decision making and every day operations.

By combining our extensive expertise in Analytics with our deep insights and understanding of risk strategy, compliance regulations, and threat management, our team enables our clients to support broader efforts in maximizing risk management.

Our experts leverage deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, born of extensive client experience and relationships with regulatory bodies around the globe to help our clients address the impact of regulatory requirements and pivot regulatory change into a competitive advantage.