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Data exists in many formats across an enterprise.  MCG has proven experience in harnessing and yielding a financial return on data.  MCG has deep expertise in analytics, intelligence, modeling, predictive, and processing data for optimal results.  MCG recognizes patterns, utilizes scientific methods, and captures meaningful insights to extract relevant data and yield results.

MCG consultants gather, analyze and synthesize various forms of data so they may be used to create or reduce efficiencies in processes.  By leveraging the immense power and breadth of data, MCGs helps clients to make informed, data driven decisions to achieve and exceed their enterprise goals.


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Our Expertise

MCG believes that properly-leveraged data may be utilized as a disruptive force for impacting top-line growth and maximizing organizational excellence. Powered by new data, new science and new technologies, we work with clients to drive digital transformation of Sales and Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, and Supply Chain to support strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

Enterprise data is generated everywhere. MCG’s experienced consultants will help you define and maintain principles, policies, procedures and standards for the effective use of data.

MCG leverages our advanced skills in AI, computer science, statistics, and machine learning to create competitive advantage for our clients by unleashing signals hidden deep within large and complex data sets. We conceptualize, build, and deploy data modeling, science, and analytics solutions specifically designed to transform the trajectories of organizations and create impacts across the value chain.

There are two goals of any collections effort: to extract the data quickly in a defensible manner and to do so in a way that streamlines processing and review efficiencies later. MCG’s multidisciplinary experts bring a deep understanding of the complexities of data, technology, business operations, and evidentiary procedure to each engagement and enable clients to leverage data needed to meet investigative and litigation requirements.