Global Expansion of M&A Integration and Governance Model


Challenges With Midtown support, a large global insurance company had developed best practices for M&A integration within one of four segments of its business, but had not deployed globally across the enterprise​ Degree of governance maturity differed greatly across businesses, ranging from well controlled to none​ Length of time to integrate varied [...]

Integration of Complimentary Line of Business


Challenge A global insurer wanted to expand offerings to its multi-family housing segment: ​ Provided insurance products for large multi-family housing clients, but wanted to expand services available to existing client base​ Decided to acquire collections business supporting the same industry​ Significant regulatory deficiencies, at target company, created risk for acquiring parent​ ​Solution​ [...]

Filling Gaps in Value Chain Through Acquisition


Challenge A large global insurer devised a strategy to expand services to its large banking clients, acquiring smaller companies to fill gaps in the mortgage services value chain: ​ Following troubled first integration, company made three additional acquisitions to complete first phase of expansion strategy​ Multiple business units were targeted for overlapping integration [...]