Global eCommerce Strategy for Carpet Manufacturer


Challenge As the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpeting, our client sought to take control of their eCommerce framework to achieve greater degrees of performance and efficiency. The company solicited MCG’s expertise to create a eCommerce strategy with supporting process management systems to optimize and align B2B and B2C eCommerce across the [...]

New Product and Business Unit Launch Support


Challenge Our client, a leading Automotive Reseller had developed a product concept to be the one-stop shop for dealers to acquire front-line ready vehicles without the risk and cost of purchasing at auction. This enabled dealerships to focus on the retail sales experience while it provided a la carte acquisition, reconditioning, transportation [...]

Digital Customer Experience for Big Box Retail


Challenge A big box retailer wanted to enhance the digital experience it offered its consumer and professional customers, who increasingly used mobile devices to interact with the company. The key to achieving this goal was understanding the retailer’s customer experience “ecosystem”, the complex set of relationships among a company’s employees, partners, and [...]