Mergers & Acquisitions Portfolio

Global Expansion of M&A Integration and Governance Model


Challenges With Midtown support, a large global insurance company had developed best practices for M&A integration within one of four segments of its business, but had not deployed globally across the enterprise​ Degree of governance maturity differed greatly across businesses, ranging from well controlled to none​ Length of time to integrate varied [...]

Integration of Complimentary Line of Business


Challenge A global insurer wanted to expand offerings to its multi-family housing segment: ​ Provided insurance products for large multi-family housing clients, but wanted to expand services available to existing client base​ Decided to acquire collections business supporting the same industry​ Significant regulatory deficiencies, at target company, created risk for acquiring parent​ ​Solution​ [...]

Consolidation & Transformation of Acquired Companies


Challenge A large global insurer had acquired four separate but related domestic business, integrated each from a back office perspective, but had left the operations as stand alone entities: ​ Given that operations were not integrated, clients still viewed these businesses as a loosely related groups of companies rather than a single suite [...]

Filling Gaps in Value Chain Through Acquisition


Challenge A large global insurer devised a strategy to expand services to its large banking clients, acquiring smaller companies to fill gaps in the mortgage services value chain: ​ Following troubled first integration, company made three additional acquisitions to complete first phase of expansion strategy​ Multiple business units were targeted for overlapping integration [...]

Insurance Firm Divestiture Strategy Development


Challenge A large global insurance company decided to exit a non-core automobile title administration business, via divestiture Client (Seller) sold business operations and assets to Purchaser, excluding support services including HR, Finance, and IT, requiring transition plans for each All employees were included as part of the deal, leaving no one behind [...]