Digital Customer Experience for Big Box Retail


Challenge A big box retailer wanted to enhance the digital experience it offered its consumer and professional customers, who increasingly used mobile devices to interact with the company. The key to achieving this goal was understanding the retailer’s customer experience “ecosystem”, the complex set of relationships among a company’s employees, partners, and [...]

Payment Security for Multinational Hotel Chain


Challenge MCG’s client, a multinational hotel chain, sought to add end to end encryption and tokenization for payment card transactions globally. By implementing an additional layer of security into every card transaction, it better protects guests and hotels from potential payment card information theft. Solution Designed, developed and deployed hotel validation scripts [...]

IT Security Project Management for Restaurant Management Company


Challenge As a major restaurant management company with thousands of employees, MCG’s client sought to streamline their IT Security process.  The client used handwritten access request forms to support their Identity Management process.  In an effort to automate the process, the client selected Identity Management software, and an vendor they had used [...]