Reducing Customer Churn for Telecom Provider


Challenge The client tasked MCG with increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn, which was eroding their profitability. ​ Solution​ MCG developed a predictive model to identify the residential customers most likely to churn and the product offerings customers were most likely to add or drop. The extended model incorporated both external census block [...]

Mining Transaction-Level Data


Challenge The client faced a significant competitive threat in the broadcast video market.  It was critical to understand which types of digital and analog video customers were most likely to switch their subscriptions to the competitor’s offering. The client needed to:​ assess the vulnerability and churn potential of its video service customers​ [...]

Change & Program Management Implementation


The Challenge MCG was engaged by a large wireless and cable company to provide leadership on change management and process improvement for a technology initiative. The client  needed to implement a new planning tool and associated process changes for an organization of over 1,400 people. These changes involved a new way of [...]

Unified Analytics & Reporting


Challenge One of the world’s largest communications companies lacked unified analytics and reporting capability: ​ Redundant and complex data sources that led to reporting inconsistencies ​ Multiple data warehouses that created time consuming reconciliations ​ Lack of data governance across all business units​ Outdated reporting tools no longer supported​ Metrics are required manual manipulations and [...]

Supply Chain Analytics & Report Transformation


Challenges One of the world’s largest communications companies lacked unified analytics and reporting capabilities in their Supply Chain Organization: Multiple, disparate Access databases No formal data governance No centralized data No dedicated data analyst skillset No clear industry-aligned metrics Solution MCG worked in partnership with Client to deliver the following: Centralized data [...]