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Project Description


One of the world’s largest communications companies lacked unified analytics and reporting capability: 

  • Redundant and complex data sources that led to reporting inconsistencies ​
  • Multiple data warehouses that created time consuming reconciliations ​
  • Lack of data governance across all business units​
  • Outdated reporting tools no longer supported​
  • Metrics are required manual manipulations and calculations​
  • Lack of reporting analysis skills ​​


MCG worked in partnership to deliver the following solution across all business units:

  • Created five year roadmap to consolidate over 90 data sources to under 26​
  • Centralized data from multiple large data warehouses into a single data warehouse​
  • Deployed interactive reporting environment to 3,500 users​
  • Designed and applied data governance structures to data warehouse and reports ​
  • Instituted PMO best practices to increase productivity and meet timelines​
  • Implemented a collaborative portal with mobile capability for reports and document management​
  • Delivered a customized education strategy​
  • Rationalized and migrated existing reports to future state system​
  • Retired legacy systems, tables, cubes, reporting tools, and portals​

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Business Value

  • $165M recovered by year three in operations due to retirement of legacy systems​
  • Increased employee efficiency by eliminating the need to reconcile data​
  • Reduced headcount through time savings ​
  • Implemented OBIEE using a comprehensive change management approach​
  • Drove adoption of new suite of tools through targeted communication and stakeholder management ​
  • Educated over 2,000 employees to enhance and improve their analytical skills

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