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Project Description


Midtown Consulting Group was engaged by the U.S. division of an international pharmaceutical company to select and implement a portal technology to support its U.S.-based sales operations. Their U.S. sales division needed to improve its ability to engage and communicate with its distributed sales force. The client also needed an efficient mechanism to provide relevant sales and market share reports, marketing collateral, internal information, and to track usage and customer engagement.​


Utilizing its software selection methodology, Midtown Consulting Group:​

  • Worked with the client to create a requirements document​
  • Conducted a software selection across several CMS vendors, MS SharePoint, open source applications, and other commercial vendors​
  • Selected a portal and gathered detailed implementation requirements​
  • Developed the portal integration strategy and architected the software system​
  • Project-managed the implementation of the portal. Key features included complex report security algorithms, report presentation, workflow, announcements and other sales and marketing documentation ​

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Business Value

The custom portal technology provided the client with a central platform to engage and communicate with their sales operation and to collect and analyze sales and market data. As a result of MCG’s solution, the client has eliminated several process redundancies, such as e-mail and team task management. ​

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