Operational Risk Metric Assessment 2016-03-30T19:53:13+00:00

Project Description

Project Description

For one of the largest banks in the world, Midtown Consulting Group led an effort to assess, validate and document Operational Risk Key Risk Indicator (KRI).

Business Case

The project required Midtown to assess the current IT architecture, obtain requirements from the end-users, develop life-cycle documentation and deliver a “Best in Class” solution for the Corporate planning department.

Project Objectives

Midtown Consulting Group provided expertise and resources to:

Services Provided

MCG was responsible for managing and executing on the following scope:

  1. Document data flows in a highly complex systems architecture. KRIs covered business functions ranging from customer complaints to supplier performance.
  2. Identify key controls to ensure data integrity and accuracy
  3. Test KRI value accuracy by obtaining supporting source data then independently summarizing source data and re-calibrating reported KRI values
  4. Offer recommendations to improve KRI data integrity and strengthen reporting processes
  5. Develop a playbook to guide future KRI assessment and validation.