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Project Description


The client faced a significant competitive threat in the broadcast video market.  It was critical to understand which types of digital and analog video customers were most likely to switch their subscriptions to the competitor’s offering. The client needed to:​

  • assess the vulnerability and churn potential of its video service customers​
  • better allocate marketing resources to retain its core customer base​
  • develop cross-selling marketing programs that achieved strategic objectives


Using our proprietary state-based modeling technology, MCG developed a model to determine​

  • which customers were most at risk of discontinuing their service ​
  • which products customers would probably acquire next​
  • which segmented and determined subscribers were most likely to switch to the competitor’s offering​
  • The technology dynamically analyzed customer interactions and responses from marketing programs as they occurred and integrated with the client’s existing CRM platform.

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Business Value

The predictive engine enabled the development of effective cross-selling marketing that achieved the client’s strategic goals including boosting short-term revenue, strengthening long-term profits, and increasing retention.

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