Integration of Complimentary Line of Business 2017-11-16T09:26:48-04:00

Project Description


A global insurer wanted to expand offerings to its multi-family housing segment: 

  • Provided insurance products for large multi-family housing clients, but wanted to expand services available to existing client base​
  • Decided to acquire collections business supporting the same industry​
  • Significant regulatory deficiencies, at target company, created risk for acquiring parent​


MCG worked in partnership to deliver the following solutions across all business units:

  • Leveraged IMO, Governance and Playbook developed for another business unit to plan and execute the integration​
  • Integrated brand and sales force to allow cross-selling early in the process​
  • Supported change management needs as client merged very diverse culture into the existing business


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Business Value

  • Added new and diversified revenue stream for existing business unit​
  • Addressed key regulatory compliance risks that were identified in due diligence​
  • Managed teams in a way that allowed senior leaders to focus on growth rather than integration efforts to realize synergies of the deal

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