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Project Description


An industry leading financial services (FS) payment processer recognized that the traditional acquirer model (the direct acquirer-merchant relationship) is being intermediated by a number of competing forces, namely Business Solution Providers (BSP’s), Payment Hubs and eCommerce Solution Providers – gateways, shopping carts and website enablers.  This FS understood that over 30% of merchants were working with BSP’s and over 50% of the volume growth is coming from merchants linked to non-traditional channels (BSP’s, Payment Hubs, etc.).​


MCG was engaged by this FS to define, build and operationalize a strategy for meeting the changing market landscape.  The MCG team was embedded in the client organization and led the creation and execution oft three main phases of work:​

  1. Operational Framework and Organizational Design​
    • Design and develop an organization, process, and programmatic approach to how the FS deals with technology partners in the marketplace.​
  2. Build a Foundational Program​
    • Execute the defined programmatic approach focused on supporting rollout of the strategic programs and remediation of elected ISOs and PFs while integrating in-flight projects​
  3. Expand the Scope and Refine​
    • Continue to execute the build of additional programs while refining and maturing the overall scope and capability of the organization and its operations.​

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Business Value

As a result of the MCG team’s engagement, the client:​

  • Established a brand new operating business to take advantage of shifting merchant behaviors.​
  • Met the marketplace at the right point​
  • Began to generate immediate revenue from  new sources​
  • Built a scalable and repeatable framework such that program activities could be handled by client team using business as usual procedures

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