Global Expansion of M&A Integration and Governance Model 2017-11-16T09:27:21-04:00

Project Description


With Midtown support, a large global insurance company had developed best practices for M&A integration within one of four segments of its business, but had not deployed globally across the enterprise

  • Degree of governance maturity differed greatly across businesses, ranging from well controlled to none​
  • Length of time to integrate varied widely based upon level of program management​
  • Business units were developing processes rather than leveraging best practices with each new acquisition​
  • Decision rights were unclear, leading to poor execution and synergy realization​


MCG is working in partnership to deliver the following solution across all business units:

  • Creating revised Governance model that addresses needs at both the deal and portfolio level, across the enterprise and globally​
  • Recommending formal establishment of Integration Management Office to be tightly aligned with already established and mature Corporate Development team​
  • Developing process and tools to that clearly identify Integration Strategies, translate this to and Integration Roadmap and ultimately manage and report on progress against plan


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Business Value

  • Consistent, value-added integration process across the enterprise and globally deployed​
  • Greater focus on balanced reporting and realization of deal synergies​
  • Improved linkages between deal model, integration and operations to allow for realistic and achievable integration budgets and synergy targets

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