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Project Description


A big box retailer wanted to enhance the digital experience it offered its consumer and professional customers, who increasingly used mobile devices to interact with the company. The key to achieving this goal was understanding the retailer’s customer experience “ecosystem”, the complex set of relationships among a company’s employees, partners, and customers that determines the quality of all customer interactions.​


Step I: Build Journey Mapping Tools – To understand the non-linear customer journey, we created a framework to map the touch points a customer experiences from need awareness to purchase through usage and cessation. We also created a roadmap tool for analyzing customer journey data and prioritizing touch points for improvement.​

Step II: Extract Journey Mapping Insights – Used journey mapping analysis to uncover customer behavior insights and common purchasing patterns. Performed quantitative and qualitative analyses to derive deep customer insights about shopping for two representative product categories. Also conducted a competitive market scan to examine how other big box retailer are using digital solutions to enhance their customer experiences.​

Step III: Recommendations – Looking at content needs, friction points, decision points, and shopping behaviors, it became clear that the retailer needed a cross-channel customer experience model. The project team detailed the model, systems, and approach the client could take to implement the new program.​

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Business Value

A customer experience tool kit that it can use to assess and diagnose the current state of the non-linear customer journey for individual product categories.​

Deep customer insights that the retailer can use to ease friction points in the customer journey for the two representative product categories.​

A holistic customer experience model and supporting systems required to make omni-channel retail a reality.

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