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Project Description

The Challenge

MCG was engaged by a large wireless and cable company to provide leadership on change management and process improvement for a technology initiative. The client  needed to implement a new planning tool and associated process changes for an organization of over 1,400 people.

These changes involved a new way of performing daily work tasks and it was imperative that impacted individuals were trained to ensure that they clearly understood what they needed to do and why.  It was also critical that all implementation activities were highly coordinated for efficiency of training deployment, and  to ensure a well managed communications effort  providing consistent messages and  timely communications.  ​


MCG worked with the project sponsors and implementation team to create a Change Management strategy that would support adoption of the new tool and processes:​

  • Created and managed a communication plan that addressed various stakeholder groups, and ensured that project communications were linked to the overall change management strategy.​
  • Developed and implemented an end-user training strategy for over 400 stakeholders, that addressed the need to learn a new tool, as well as to understand the associated process changes.​
  • Conducted meetings with key stakeholders to present critical information about changes, while incorporating the change vision and benefits. ​
  • Managed the creation of a project website that became the go-to resource for project news and information. ​

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Business Value

A program management approach enabled coordination among Change Management activities that resulted in increased awareness of and demand for project information, which in turn increased stakeholder interest and involvement.  The project sponsors valued Change Management as a part of the overall implementation strategy and engaged MCG to support subsequent phases of the implementa

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