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MCG helps companies document, analyze, and define processes to identify improvement opportunities that quantifiably impact your organization. Your business can benefit from such measurable outcomes as increased ROI, reduced waste, and improved quality.

We know your company is unique. That’s why we don’t impose a specific methodology on you. Instead, we leverage all of our tools and experience to customize a solution that meets your needs. Above all, we’re pragmatic. We believe the simplest solutions are often the best. And we look for the quick wins so you can see results right away

Why Are We The Best?

At Midtown, we strive to give you a solution that provides measurable results. We will not dump a solution on you and leave you to figure it out yourself, we benefit from full partnership, and see projects through till completion.
We know your company is unique. That’s why we don’t impose a specific methodology on you. Instead we focus on customizing a solution to your needs.
Overly-complicated solutions often times are too complex to provide real change. At Midtown, we believe the simpler solutions are sometimes more beneficial to our clients.


Loan Servicing Process Design

Midtown Consulting Group led several business process transformation initiatives to ensure that our client obtained both operational performance improvements and maintained or obtained compliance with US Treasury Supplemental Directives requiring them to meet pre-foreclosure certification standards.

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Balanced Scorecard

For a Fortune 50 chemicals manufacturer, Midtown Consulting Group helped implement a balanced scorecard that linked strategy and operations.

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Accounting Process Improvement

For a large wireless communications provider, Midtown Consulting Group developed the approach and managed the process and technology changes required to streamline and shorten the monthly close process.

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