Solving Gaps in Sales and Operations Planning

Solving Challenges Between Sales & Operations PlanningSales and operations planning (S&OP), sometimes known as aggregate planning, is a process where executive level management regularly meets and reviews projections for demand, supply, and the resulting financial impact. S&OP is a decision-making process that makes certain that tactical plans in every business area are in line with the overall view of the company’s business plan. The overall result of the S&OP process is that a single operating plan is created that identifies the allocation of company resources, including time, money and employees. Not having a well-defined S&OP process and technology in place, leads to a tug of war between Sales and Operations teams . So, what happens when a Fortune 50 Company lacks a formal S&OP process in their Supply Chain Organization?


Our client had the following issues that needed to be resolved quickly:

  • Lack of communication between marketing, finance, sales, demand, and supply planning functions.
  • Multiple S&OP plans in use leading to lack of a standard against which to measure performance.
  • Poor planning for new products and product promotions.
  • No consistent, repeatable process to develop the weekly demand plan.
  • Lack of understanding of ripple effects throughout the supply chain caused by rogue or poorly executed actions.

MCG worked in partnership with the Client to deliver the following:

  • Leveraging a well-known S&OP software solution, MCG developed a monthly S&OP process in which all business functions met to bridge the gap in high-level projections.
  • MCG developed a weekly demand planning process using Demand and Fulfillment component of the S&OP software solution.
  • MCG created a “Balanced Scorecard” using S&OP software solution to monitor overall performance of the Supply Chain.
  • MCG Lead 100+ hours of S&OP software solution and supply chain theory training.

This allowed the Client to dramatically improve the overall performance of their supply chain organization. Some of the improvements the Client received included:

  • Reduction in working capital, more accurate forecasting, and fewer stock outages due to more efficient and coordinated planning
  • Demand forecasting using exception management within a customized software solution reduced planning time by 50%.
  • Planners could focus more effort on value-add information gathering to improve forecast.
  • Transitioned from supply and demand planning within an Excel spreadsheet to a consistent, repeatable process within S&OP software solution.
  • Trained employees on S&OP software solution and general supply chain knowledge.
  • Provided significant cost savings to the Supply Chain Organization
  • Created a platform for collecting, analyzing and acting on relevant supply chain data to improve business function

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